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New sponsors

Really proud and grateful to announce that I will be racing with @surpas_official @trimtex in 2024 🤩
Can’t wait to be back on a startline!

IM World Championships

28th place

My first @ironmantri World Champs started off perfectly with my best swim ever, losing only 5,35min to the best in the world, without a wetsuit and in the sea, which isn't always easy. All set for a good day I went out on the bike with some of the favorites for the day, such as @notanotheraveragejoe, who just won Ironman Lake Placid. At the start of the longest climb, I realized that my rear wheel somehow started to streak on the cable of the brake, which cost me some nerves and watts. Put in nearly 5watts per KG for the climb to catch a good group for the longer flat part of the course, which I could manage in catching up with @mr_hoegen (long course world champ of 2021). This effort also destroyed my legs and to make things even worse I lost my rear bottle at one of the 300 speed bumps 😅😔
Changed to the nutrition of the organization and made it to the run, including a crazy highsider in the last decent, which I could somehow steer out.
Normally I can still do a good run even with empty legs, but stomach cramps and stiff legs led to the worst run of my career, which felt humiliating with those crazy spectators and in such a great venue. Thanks for cheering to everyone.
Last but not least I'm still happy to make it to the finish line as 28th in my first world champs and thank you very much to my supporters, sponsors, fans... Especially my girlfriend @shelly.schenk 😘
, mom and sister, who made it unforgettable.
Taking a lot of positives with me and feel blessed and grateful to have experienced such a great event and inspiring athletes. Congratulations to the podium guys @samlaidlow @patricklange1 @magnuselbaekditlev, really impressive racing, and all finishers of today's race, hats off 🤩💪
Over and out 🤪little break coming up.

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IM Lake Placid

Ironman World Champs - Here I come

Never fucking ever give up 👊🏼

All the pain throughout yesterday’s race and over the last months with COVID-19, injuries, insecurities, sleepless nights, masochistic workouts... finally paid off with qualifying for the IRONMAN World Champs in Nice! 🤩🤩🤩

An 8th place in yesterday's Ironman Lake Placid left me disappointed but with earning a ticket at today’s slot allocation I‘m absolutely overwhelmed🤯
Congratulations to the winners of the day @notanotheraveragejoe @bhoffmanracing @matthansontri and all finishers - you are an Ironman.

On this way, I just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone for making this possible, especially my girlfriend, my parents, family, sponsors, physio, mindfulness coach, and so on, you are incredible 🙏🏼

Special thanks to the volunteers, spectators, and organization for making this race happen!

Feeling blessed and thankful 😍😇

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IM Austria

2nd Austrian

7th place @ironman_austria after a hard fight in the heat 🤪 What a tough race, but what a location and spectators, volunteers, and organization. Thank you all for making this possible 🙌😍
Racing in Austria is always special and that's also the reason I couldn't stay at home. Big congrats to the winner of the day @mathiastri, 2nd @cjwurf
and especially @georg_enzenberger, impressive performance mate 💪
Thanks a lot to all of my supporters, my girlfriend, mother, father, sisters, and all who are making this possible.
With a lot of problems since my covid infection in December and the lack of proper preparation I really thought about canceling my starts both at @apfelland_triathlon and @ironman_austria - a 3rd and a 7th place shows me that you can still perform pretty well with the experience of past races and by clicking somehow the memory button in your body.
Some details of my race: The swim start was pretty hectic and everyone tried to make it into the big group, which led to an all-out swim for the first 1.5 km. The pace never went down and I finally lost contact with the big chase pack. Luckily I was able to hold the feet of @visticaa and we exited the swim with one other guy and 1.5min down to the chase group. After 30km on the bike we bridged up to the big swim group, but from that moment on, the tempo was missing, as nobody wanted to work together. The group was just too big, and instead of gaining some time back, we lost some important time. In the past, I always made the wrong decision to try it and work my way through the field on my own, but with the lack of shape, I knew I had to be patient if I wanted to finish the race. With a 2,49h marathon and the 4th run split of the day, I could move from 17th to 7th place in the end. Until km25 I was on a 2,44 pace which could have been good for 5th place, but my hamstrings started to to tighten more and more. Had to slow down a bit and stopped for a quick stretch at km 30 which gave me the chance to pick up the pace on the last kilometers and catch two more guys. Never experienced such cramping before, but I think the missing long and hard runs was the problem, as nutrition was on a good level.

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Apfelland Triathlon

Austrian Vice-Champion

Out of nowhere onto the podium - went into my first triathlon after COVID and a few other setbacks without any expectations and finally experienced some racing again. Turned out to be a pretty hard fight from start to finish but in the end it was enough for a 3rd place @apfelland_triathlon 70.3 and a 2nd place in the Austrian middle distance championships. Congrats to the winners and all finishers on this beautiful race course 💪
I will take the next races as they come and will use them to increase my fitness step by step. It feels like getting back to before covid shape still needs more patience and I'm sure that the longer the season, the stronger I will be.

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